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Leaking Machines by cqualmann
September 3, 2009, 2:41 pm
Filed under: Contributions, Laundry Stories, Transcripts

One of my more recent laundry stories is that living in my flat obviously I have neighbours beneath and above.  And my neighbour above has a washing machine that periodically leaks into my flat.  And this happened for the first time about a year ago.  Water comes through the ceiling and drips onto the floor and onto the cooker and onto the worktops in the kitchen.  So I tried to correspond with him over this and he was always “very sorry, it won’t happen again.”  And this happened like four/five/six times and I was absolutely at my wits end just trying to deal with the council to intervene and stop it from happening and trying to communicate with him.  It was very distressing actually and it really confirmed in my mind that people shouldn’t have washing machines at home in blocks of flats because they do leak even if you’re not stoned and you don’t fall asleep it can still happen.  And they should go to the launderette, because it washes things better and it takes the noise away from the home and the risk of leaks.  So I’m still considering mounting a Stage 2 complaint with the council because I’m not satisfied with the response to my Stage 1 complaint.  But so far so good, there’s been no more leaks and as far as I understand the washing machine has been completely disabled.  But I’ll really only believe it’s over when I see it’s leaving the flat.

Transcribed from an interview at the Boundary Estate Community Launderette, 30th July 2009


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