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Moving the washing machine by cqualmann
August 10, 2009, 7:52 pm
Filed under: Laundry Stories

Whilst talking about laundry today at the Boundary Estate Community Launderette research afternoon, I remembered moving a washing machine with my friend Becky almost exactly 10 years ago in Liverpool. We were moving out of our student flat on Gambier Terrace, which was about to be stripped out and refurbished. Ours was the last flat occupied and the landlord had told us we could take whatever we wanted – as they were just going to throw it all away. Becky was moving a few doors down, to a flat without a washing machine, so it seemed sensible……..

The old flat had a little laundry room in a small extension on the back of the building, with a double sink, the washing machine, and drying racks. You accessed it via 3 steps down from the bathroom. We began to realise the scale of the task on those first 3 steps – we managed to haul it up – but realised that we would need additional kit to get it down the 4 flights of stairs to the ground floor, down the 4 or 5 steps to the pavement, up the steps to the new front door, and down into her new basement flat.

In the end we got it down the stairs by sliding it down a plank of wood, with one of us holding it from above by a rope, and the other crouching underneath it using their shoulder to stop it from slipping out of control.

I cannot recommend this method.


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