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Memories of Laundry Rules by Jackie Qualmann by cqualmann
August 4, 2009, 9:40 am
Filed under: Contributions, Laundry Stories
In 1985 our family had a holiday in Florida, having the use of
the in-law's condominium. We had been given a huge list of dos
and don'ts, as this was a complex for seniors, and while younger
guests could stay for short times, most youthful behaviour was

However, five small children generate a mountain of washing
quite quickly, and this wonderfully equipped apartment did not
include a washing machine, as it could encourage hanging clothes
to dry on the balcony. I had washed out some small items from
the semi-continent younger members' wardrobe, and placed them
on the balcony for the shortest of times, as it was hot and

None of the neighbours could bring themselves to speak to us
about this indiscretion, but instead sent the caretaker up
with the manuel of condo etiquette. The offending items were
removed, and further washing out furtively hung about the

I never revealed the indiscretions in the swimming pool.

More about laundry rules here

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