Spinning Stories

Roman Road Launderette by cqualmann

On Monday I went to the Launderette on Roman Road, it seems to just be called ‘Launderette’.

I get there around 3pm. There is a black leather sofa which I sit on while I wait for my washing. There are several other people doing laundry, it is quite a large launderette and also has a dry cleaning service. Asian music is playing quietly.

The machines are Electrolux wascators W75 and W150 models.

Small Load £3

Please use the litter bin and help to keep this launderette clean and tidy. Thankyou.


1. Load machine, close door, pour approx half cupful of soap powder into each of no. 1 and no.2 soap compartments.

2. Turn selector switch for type of wash required. To start machine insert coins.

3. When light goes off at end of cycle, open door.

Place garments in the machine and CLOSE THE DOOR BEFORE inserting coins.

I notice that the music is coming from a TV mounted to the wall, showing a Bollywood musical.

Pleasantries are exchanged as people come and go, but there’s not much other talking.

There’s a large black leather office chair on wheels at the other end of the launderette – I assume this is for staff use only.

Service wash: small load £7, large load £12

Warning please do not tamper with coin boxes on these machines as they are wired to an electronic alarm system.

Handwritten sign: please do not overload the machines! Please keep machines clean and tidy.

The dryers have a notice on them:

Please remove clothes as soon as it stops so that creases do not fix in, and to avoid the risk of spontaneous combustion.


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