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The Daily Graphic, December 1898 by cqualmann
July 5, 2009, 1:02 pm
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An article entitled ‘The New Jago’ describes, with a humorous tone, the County Council improvements in the creation of the Boundary Estate, including a section on the laundry:

” on account of the impossibility of getting water water up to the top of the buildings the council has built a large central laundry, with forty-two toughs, all numbered, forty-two drying horse, 4 taps hot and cold to each trough. The trough is partitioned, and in the back part the clothes are boiled by steam coming through a perforated pipe. There is a separate mangling and ironing room; the mangles are driven by steam; the irons heated by gas. The convenience of a laundry can be enjoyed for 1 1/2 d per hour; but those who know the ways of tenants will not be surprised to hear that this sum is begrudged, and that mothers with young children are worried at leaving them. Above the laundry are a dozen baths, where a bath can be had for 2 d each, or 2 1/2 d including 2 towels and soap. There is also a club and reading room for the use of the tenants; 6 d a month is the subscription for a married man and his wife, 6 d for  a single man, 4 d for a single woman. From these figures the astute can calculate the relative values of the married and single woman, and of the sexes. “


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