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Modern Home Laundrywork by cqualmann
March 26, 2009, 6:46 pm
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This book, by Ethel Henney, dated 1965, includes details about blueing:

” Ultramarine blue is the usual household blue. It is bought in cubes; the cube is tied in a piece of thick material to prevent the too free passage of the particles of blue into the water. Squeeze the blue bag in cold water until a pale blue colour results. Blue water should be used when freshly made; if it has been allowed to stand it should be stirred, as the blue particles settle out onto the sides of the bowl, causing a blue stain on any fabric that touches them. Shake out the article, dip into the blue water, and blue evenly. Wring by hand or machine.” p.94


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[…] The Blue instructions are in Arabic (I think) but the diagrams are pretty clear – and link into the instructions that I found in the Women’s Library. […]

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