Spinning Stories

The Laundry Room, Broadway Market by cqualmann

I’ve come to the launderette to document the signs and instructions – my cover is a load of washing. I also am told some great stories – and some gossip – but these are recorded without the launderette location details in order to maintain anonymity.

I note the following:

soft water is used in this launderette please do not oversoap

would the last customer to leave please pull door firmly shut, thankyou

cut your drying costs use a spin dryer first. By spinning at very high speed spin dryers take much more water out of your clothes than any washing machine can. less water in your clothes means less money spent in heat dryers. Save money on heat dryers use a spin dryer first.

LAUNDRY BASKETS these are provided for use in this launderette only anyone removing them from the premises will be liable to prosecution.

Please leave room for the water

Notice to parents. The management advice parents not to allow children to touch machines in this launderette.

Nylon and synthetics. make sure that nylon sheets and synthetic clothes etc. do not get too hot.

When machine cycle finishes please wait one minute before opening door.

Timed door release please wait one minute before opening door.

– to open push button on door handle.
– load machine – close door
– select program
– add soap
– insert coins

If this machine does not advance check program buttons.
Do not overload or put in too much washing powder
Problems use emergency telephone number on walls

“they’re never going to dry darling, you’ve got too much washing in there’ (verbal advice to 2 young women)

1. Load machine 2. add soap 3. set temperature 4. remember number 5. go to pay point 6. follow the instructions

Please check machine drum before use as management are not responsible for anything left in machines by previous customer e.g. ball point pens, lipsticks etc.

Place garments in the machine and close door before inserting coins

Whilst every endevour is made to ensure the equipment is clean at all times it is the customers responsibility to check washer and dryer drum before use.


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